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Caravan Sites, Camping Sites and Holiday Parks in France, Spain, Jersey and Guernsey



Select an area on the map to find the caravan site you want. All sites have pictures.


The French have a wonderful system of addresses, the first two digits of the postcode correspond with the area on this map for example - a French address looks like this:

Camping Le Po Dore
F-49650 Allonnes

The first two digits are 49 which correspond to the area on the map with 49 in - (Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire). Easy isn't it?

The only real problem with it is that the postcode covers a huge area so you can't use it for accurate satellite navigation like the UK postcode system. We have zoomed in on every site in France using Google Maps to help you find it easily. Just click on the postcode.

Propriétaires de terrain de camping en France cliquez ici

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