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As you may or not be aware, GOOGLE announced earlier this year that as 70% or more searches on the Internet are now done on mobile devices such as phones and tablets they will be penalising web sites that are not responsive to these different screen sizes.

You are allowed to scroll up and down on a device but you must not have to scroll sideways or have to expand the picture to be able to read the text or push the link buttons, our map on the home page is a typical example of what we are not going to be allowed to do.

We are currently introducing our new 'RESPONSIVE' pages county by county. Argyll and Bute, Grampian, Yorkshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and all along the south coast and we will continue around the coast followed by inland areas until we have updated every county. We have just updated the Home page and all the links are in place to both new and old versions as we continue to update the website.

You may have noticed that the new pages come with a 'Booking Enquiry' form. Let us know what you think about these, a bit of feedback would be great. (If you don't have an email address we can't build you a Booking form so tell us if you have one.) Also let us know if you want anything else included or excluded from the form e.g. hard standing, storage, seasonal pitch etc..

NOW would be a great time to send us new pictures and maybe text as when this web site was launched in the year 2000, dial-up was still the dominant way to connect to the Internet so we reduced the pictures to a very small size (Around 12kilobytes which is tiny) to cater for this. Now that we have broadband generally over the country the only thing we have to consider is the balance of the quality of the pictures on our website versus how fast a mobile phone can download 200 pictures (open Cornwall and you will open about 200 pictures in one hit). This still eats data for the user and most people can't afford unlimited 4G phone conections and I am sure that we wouldn't want the blame for eating their data allowance. So we are looking at pictures around the 600 x 400 pixel mark so that the files are not too big but display well enough on a PC (some of the old ones now look terrible).

If you want to test if a website is responsive or not on a PC click the double window symbol at the top right of your screen and then pull and push the sides of the screen to make it smaller or larger. You should never see a scroll bar appear on the bottom of the screen, right hand side is fine, and the contents should resize to the window size automatically. (This page is not 'RESPONSIVE' yet)

(Page last updated 1st March 2016)

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