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From Heron's Pond Caravan Park, North Yorkshire, 10th Dec 2010

We must tell you that the past season has broken all records for us - we have had a super year and much of the success must be attributed to your website. Thank you.

Yours sincerely, Richard and Jean Neale

From Spen House Caravan Park, North Yorkshire, 25th Aug 2007

I would like to thank you for our inclusion in your website. We are a new site, and we had a booking within half an hour of going "live" on your website. We are now fully booked for this weekend, with over one hundred enquiries, all within the space of three days!!!!!!! You surely don't need a better recommendation than that! Thanks again - your website is amazing.

regards, Samantha Riley

From Mr Harries of Tycanol Farm Camping, Pembrokeshire

Your website has been life changing. We have never had so many bookings since advertising with you. We have actually had to turn lots of people away this year and this has never happened before. If you are ever down this way, you can have a free holiday here anytime.

Mr Harries

From Yeomans Course CL, North Yorkshire

Well another year has passed and what a year. With our Caravan Club CL taking 5 vans, we were a little overwhelmed last Easter when we had to turn down over 80 caravan/units. Rather than let them say when they wanted to come, we had to say when a pitch was available. When asked how they found us three quarters of all our visitors found us on the web pages on your website, "we like to see the sites before we visit"

Chris Addy

From Llanmadoc Camping and Caravan Site, South Wales

We've never been so busy with the response, we were full to overflowing this year, we can't find the staff locally to help us out.

Alec Price.

From Tamarstone Farm, Devon

We have doubled our turnover with a great response to our advert on your website and are now building more toilet facilities and installing more hookups.

Megan Daglish

From Seven Oaks Farm CL, Shropshire

Mary Thompson here from Seven Oaks Farm on the Powys/Shropshire Border - just to let you know we have had our first two bookings from our advertising with you - great start to 2003 - one of them says he has booked all his last years sites from your pages - so well done you must be very pleased with your efforts paying off for all your subscribers. I'll contact you again when we reach our 100th booking from your website!!!!.....may not be too far away I hope.

Best regards - Mary & Peter Thompson.

From Greenhill Farm, Wiltshire

Excellent advertising - Thank you!.


From Peel House Farm Caravan Park, East Sussex

We have been pleased with the response we have had - most enquiries leading to bookings and often return visits.

With best wishes, Sandra Webb.

From Mellow Farm CL, Surrey

I have got to say just how impressed we are with your website. We were a bit unsure at first but we are amazed at the response we have had. New visitors are coming to our site and they are travelling further to get here too. I am sure its the pictures that help and with the Caravan Club limiting our advertising in the handbook we find this to be an excellent alternative.

Mr Hadfield.

From Eisteddfa Caravan and Camping Park, Gwynedd

We are very pleased with our advertisement with you, we have had quite a few bookings over the last year and await many more.

Many thanks, Andrew and Karen Leech.

From Jasmine Park, North Yorkshire

We get a positive response from your site. It's clear and concise. Very user friendly.

Regards, Cynthia Hinchcliffe.

From Yeomans Course CL, North Yorkshire

After a difficult year when so many sites were closed during the foot and mouth outbreak it was nice to get the visitors back, many who had not been before and Yes, they found us on your web site.

Chris and Monica Addy.

From Cuckoos Corner, Hereford

We are very pleased with the response last season and thank you for keeping the cost so reasonable.

Wally and Jenny James.

From Vine Farm Arboretum, Somerset

Thank you for your website details which you sent quite some time ago, I have had a look at your website now and I think its brilliant and so easy to find a suitable site with previews. No more unpleasant surprises on arrival and should make handbooks a thing of the past, I am so impressed I wish to add our beautiful Arboretum site to your list.

Mr Richard Hailstone.

From Eisteddfa Caravan and Camping Park, Gwynedd

We are very pleased with our advertisement with you, we have had quite a few bookings over the last year, and await many more.

Many Thanks, Andrew and Karen Leech

From Fenland Camping and Caravan Park

Just a quick e-mail to say how pleased I have been with the response from your website this season - it is good to see that the Yahoo search engine brings you up too! We have had quite a few bookings as a direct result

Many Thanks, Sue Johns

From Ridge Farm Camping and Caravan Park

Firstly this is to say huge congratulations on producing a brilliant, clear, user friendly and effective website. We have already had enquiries and bookings from it. Thank you too for keeping your costs at a completely ungreedy and fair level. Smallish sites like ours are horrified at the hundreds of pounds we are expected to pay for some of our advertising. Let's hope you become THE website that all campers automatically go to! I shall definitely spread the word about you!

With Best Wishes, Jill Pollock

From Honeypot Camping and Caravan Park

Excellent response so far!

Mrs Smith

From Sarnfaen Farm

We are very pleased with the response we have had from your website and at such a reasonable price.

Regards, Tom and Jean Jones

From Tamarstone Farm CS

It must be working, took more last August than any season before.

Megan Daglish

From East Bowstrips Caravan Park

We have an entry on your website .. which we are very pleased with (of all the sites this one really is the best to navigate etc, best for the visitor because of all the illustrations .. and certainly best for cost)

Gill Tully, East Bowstrips Caravan Park

From The Bell Caravan Park

"...we have certainly had a great response to our advert on your website with lots of bookings taken...."

Alan Nash, Bell Caravan Park

From Minch View Caravan Site

"We are very pleased with the result of the advert with you and have had more enquiries this year than ever before. We were also pleased with the clear way in which the advert is set out"

With many thanks, Angus MacDonald

From Stroma View Camping and Caravan Site

"We have had people camping here from your website. Thank you for your help and we hope to have a successful year next year"

Yours very sincerely, Mr and Mrs Robert G Dundas

From Oban Divers Caravan Park

"Many thanks Pauline and Gordon, it's so nice not to be ripped off for advertising!!"

All the best!!, David Tye

From Halse Farm

Well done! Love the look of my site.... Hope we all have a better season next year. Being a working beef and sheep farm we didn't get going until August last year and 75% of my bookings came from the internet. Regards Julia Brown

From Woodlakes

Thanks again, I'm not sure how many people have visited after looking at your site but we have been a great deal busier than previous years.

Kind Regards, Robin Hall

Dear Gordon and Pauline, Posted our details to you yesterday afternoon. Refreshed your site at 7pm today. Highly delighted to see our site up and running. You both have done a fantastic job and so quickly. Thank you very much. Best wishes,

Ray & Ann Price. Grange Park, Messingham, DN17 3PP

I have just been on-line, and seen our page on your web site for the first time. EXCELLENT ... it was all processed so quickly .. and great value too. So, many thanks for your fast efficient service.
Gill Tully
East Bowstrips Caravan Park, Scotland

Thank you very much indeed for such prompt & efficient assistance! It is an absolute pleasure to deal with an enterprise where our contact with you has been so smooth & trouble free. Your work for us is first class & we are very pleased with our info on your site.
Thanks! Hope your site develops as planned!
Tony Ireland

Thanks for the invitation to join your web site. It's very impressive. Our application form and cheque are already in the post.

Kindest regards,

Les Rands,

Lazy Days Camp Site,

Hi....You are a quick worker, the page looks so good i might even go and stay there myself. Thanks again, the cheques in the post....(Honest).....

Best wishes

Robin Hall, Woodlakes

Thank you for doing such a speedy job on our first website! It looks great to us - we have already directed one customer to the page - I trust this is OK? Can we advertise this site in our literature and adverts? - please advise.

Good luck with what seems to be an excellent site!


Peter and Margaret Joyce, Penlan Caravan Site

I have visited your site following your mailshot. The concept of the site is excellent as a one stop site for all types of caravan sites and I wish you success. I will forward the remaining info by post.
David Roston

Dear Mr Fleming,

Thanks for doing a brilliant job on my page on your web-site.
Many thanks,

John Bell.

Newton Mill Camping Park

Very pleased with your excellent service. Looking forward to seeing the picture of the Old Mill Pub on your list of towns. My cheque will be in the post tomorrow.
Best wishes
Keith Davies

So site owners - come and join us - we have the customers waiting! 


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